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Posted by ThemeVale on 7th Oct 2020

Can plants be as romantic as a dozen roses? We think so! In fact, there are so many different kinds of romantic plants that it’s easy to be creative and find something perfect for the person you love! Not only will you give them a charming surprise, but your romantic plant can continue to grow for years to come, becoming a fond reminder of each other. Take a look at our top picks for romantic plants for Valentine’s Day below. Here at West Coast… Read more

Posted by ThemeVale on 7th Oct 2020

Succulents are the darling of the gardening world. If you take a peek at any décor magazine or Pinterest page you’ll see this diverse range of conversation starters are the hottest plants around. There are hundreds of varieties, with new ones being grown every year. They also come in a rainbow of colours from green, turquoise, purple, and pink! It’s no wonder that succulents are so popular, from their low maintenance easy-to-grow nature to their… Read more

Posted by ThemeVale on 7th Oct 2020

Our heart melts for this indoor tropical planter overflowing with lush ferns and moss! A beautiful gift or home accent for indoor plant lovers. We’ve used a sturdy wicker heart basket (lined with plastic) as the container for this planter design and started with soft, good-quality potting soil. Indoor plants For this project, we chose indoor plants that complement each other and include a variety of shades of green.… Read more

Posted by ThemeVale on 7th Oct 2020

The temperatures are constantly climbing in the summer months, and adding in a few drought-resistant, sun-loving perennials into your garden and yard will cut back on your watering hours and also ensure a beautiful landscape year after year. In addition to their ability to thrive in harsh conditions, drought resistant plants shine in late summer and can be the crowning jewel of your garden when many other perennials are past their peak. We’re he… Read more

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