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Care Tips for Happy and Healthy Succulents

Care Tips for Happy and Healthy Succulents

Posted by ThemeVale on 7th Oct 2020

Succulents are the darling of the gardening world. If you take a peek at any décor magazine or Pinterest page you’ll see this diverse range of conversation starters are the hottest plants around. There are hundreds of varieties, with new ones being grown every year. They also come in a rainbow of colours from green, turquoise, purple, and pink! It’s no wonder that succulents are so popular, from their low maintenance easy-to-grow nature to their jaw-dropping variety and beauty — succulents are here to stay.

Here at West Coast Gardens all our succulents are homegrown (and we grow over 40 varieties!) and this has taught us a few tricks to achieve happy and healthy succulents. Here are our top picks for basic care tips:

Let your succulents see the sun!

  • Succulents offer brilliant colours and are at their best when exposed to long days of direct sunlight (6 hours+ of direct light).
  • While you can grow succulents in the shade, their colours won’t be as intense.
  • The more sun the better!
  • If your succulent is growing a bit lanky, with a long stem and lots of space between leaves, then it’s probably not getting enough light and is “reaching” for the sun.
  • You can use alternative artificial lights to supplement your succulent’s light requirements.
  • Take a look at the grow lights we carry and recommend over here.

Water Gently…

  1. Your best bet for succulents is to water thoroughly, but less often.
  2. Succulents like to dry out between waterings and hate having their roots continuously wet.
  3. This is the rule whether the plants are indoors or outdoors.
  4. Stay away from ineffective misting that can encourage unhealthy bacteria.
  5. Always water deep and saturate the soil to give your succulents a good long drink.

Keep succulents warm in the winter

Keep succulents warm in the winter
Healthy Succulents

Keep succulents warm in the winter

Most of these sun-loving plants are not hardy below 4 degrees Celsius. Always use the nighttime temperatures as a guide for when your non-hardy succulents can be placed or planted outside. a good rule to follow is a consistent nighttime temperature of 10 degrees Celsius so the plants don’t get too stressed out or freeze overnight. Shop the collection

Give succulents the right home!

Use a mix of soil that is free draining so that your succulent roots aren’t consistently soggy. Special cactus and succulent potting soil can be purchased which has the correct mix of ingredients to help your plants flourish.

Easy on the fertilizer

We like to keep this simple. You can give your succulents regular indoor plant fertilizer in their weekly waterings during their growing months (June-Aug), or use specific cactus and succulent fertilizer varieties. Stay away from using fertilizer during the sleepy months from December through mid-February. Just clear tap water is enough to keep them hydrated and happy.

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