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Romantic Plants to Give for Valentine’s Day

Romantic Plants to Give for Valentine’s Day

Posted by ThemeVale on 7th Oct 2020

Can plants be as romantic as a dozen roses? We think so! In fact, there are so many different kinds of romantic plants that it’s easy to be creative and find something perfect for the person you love! Not only will you give them a charming surprise, but your romantic plant can continue to grow for years to come, becoming a fond reminder of each other. Take a look at our top picks for romantic plants for Valentine’s Day below.

Here at West Coast Gardens all our succulents are homegrown (and we grow over 40 varieties!) and this has taught us a few tricks to achieve happy and healthy succulents. Here are our top picks for basic care tips:

Succulent Love

  • Good things come in small packages!
  • This goes double for succulents, which come in a variety of romantic colours like purples and pinks!
  • Match them up with some turquoise or light greens for a love fest.
  • We’re especially fond of succulents in heart containers or with cute accents like heart stones or gems.
  • A fantastic romantic plant, that doesn’t take up too much space, and will keep growing all year!

Love is in the Air

  1. Tillansia air plants make perfect little packages for Valentine’s Day or any romantic occasion!
  2. They are so easy to dress up and add a bit of bling.
  3. Miniature terrariums give you a home for your air plant and also an easy way to add colour and accents.
  4. Pink and red sand, special stones, coloured pebbles and shells are just some ideas you can use to make your Tillandsia special for someone you love.

Give Love a Chance to Bloom

Give Love a Chance to Bloom
Sophisticated and classic

Give Love a Chance to Bloom

Nothing is more elegant than an orchid, and they’re known as a romantic plant throughout the world. Sophisticated and classic, you can find orchids in a multitude of colours and sizes. Purple blooms are our favourite for romantic holidays, but with their long-lasting blooms and dark green foliage, you really can’t go wrong with any colour! Orchids are also easier to care for than most people think. Shop the collection

My Hoya Heart Beats Only For You

Talk about adorable! Hoya plants are naturally heart-shaped, and when you plant them up in Valentines pots, or add pink accents, the cuteness factor explodes! Use two Hoya in a pot to show ‘your two hearts beating as one’, or plant up a single Hoya and ‘give them your heart’ for the occasion. Small enough for a desk plant (and reminder of your affection) or by the bedside table for romantic decor.

Straight From A Tropical Daydream

Don’t rule out tropicals as romantic plants! There are tropical plants that come in bright pink and red blooms, such as Kalanchoe, Anthurium and Bromeliads. As well, lush greenery shows a thriving relationship, and can be potted up in a romantic pot. Adding heart accents, pink and red pebbles or glittering stones create a heartfelt gift that will last for years.

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